Entendiendo el alcance de los posteos en Facebook

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The new “Facebook Post Reach Explained” article will give you a profound overview about the different kinds of reach and shows you how you can use these numbers to optimize your own social media strategy. Facebook Reach is one of the most important social media KPI’s for marketers when it comes to measuring the success of Facebook pages or posts. However, Facebook offers a lot of different kinds of reach that can be used for this. As reach is a private metric, you always need to have insights permissions for the pages you want to analyze.

What is Facebook Reach?

Reach is the number of people that have seen your content within a certain period. Compared to impressions, reach is always a unique number. Due to this fact, reach is also often called unique impressions. However, impressions show how often content was seen by people you reached. As one user can view the same content several times the impressions are always equal or greater than the reach.

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